Located in the mountains, the village of Evisa enjoys an exceptional setting between pine and chestnut trees.


Enjoy incredible panoramas, rivers with turquoise blue waters but also a vegetation of rare richness. Impossible to get bored during the holidays. Discover the many hikes located near the village.


Come and discover the old abandoned hamlet of Tassu, whose departure is just 5 minutes’ walk from the house. A journey to an island vernacular architecture. Visit an old chapel and magnificent dry stone buildings. The ideal place to spend a day in the shade of chestnut trees and organize a small picnic with a sausage and a cheese from the village.

The Gorges of the Spelunca. This beautiful hike bordered by granite cliffs takes advantage of a breathtaking natural setting. Between Genoese bridges and mountainous reliefs come and admire the magnificent Tavulella river. It will offer you something to cool off on hot summer days. For the bravest count 5 hours round trip to reach the village of Ota.

The chestnut path, which starts in the center of the village, will take you into the majestic Aïtone forest. You can walk in the shade of the Larici pines and cool off on arrival at the famous natural pools. It is not because you are in the mountains that you should not maintain your tan!

Let’s not forget the pretty ride of the Radule. Pass the Vergiu pass and cross the imposing Valdu-Niellu forest to discover its sheepfolds and waterfalls. Allow 1h30 of walking to go. Once arrived, enjoy a good migliacciu with fresh cheese by the river, your efforts will soon be forgotten!

Only 30 minutes by car you can reach the Vergiu pass, from which many hikes start. Go for example to discover the magnificent Ninu Lake and its wild horses. From this pass you can also reach the Niolu valley and discover other exceptional walks and places. Consider visiting the incredible Scala di Santa Régina and its granite cliffs.


Articles will soon be available to provide you with the best information on hikes near the village of Evisa.