The Region

“A village in the heart of the island”






The village of Evisa, located in Corse-du-Sud, has an ideal location, deep in the mountains and near the sea. Only an hour by car from the city of Ajaccio, this place lost between land and sea promises you a total change of scenery.

Nicknamed the village of brown, it takes shape between chestnut trees, in the heart of the mountains and lush nature. It has a central position which will allow you to discover the immense diversity of Corsican landscapes.

Less than half an hour’s drive from the west coast, you can discover a wide variety of landscapes without having to take long journeys. Discover unmissable villages such as Porto, Piana, Cargese, Girolata…. But also some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica such as the magnificent Bussaglia beach near Porto, the wild beaches of Ficaghjola and Arone on the Piana side, as well as the Grand Large and Liamone beaches in Sagone. This list is of course not exhaustive. Without forgetting the emblematic places that are the Calanche de Piana, the Scandola reserve or the port of Girolata.

A small clarification that is important to us. These natural gems are unfortunately threatened, so they must be protected.

Discover these places in the best way possible, at human speed. Opt for walking, cycling, kayaking … It is in the effort that these landscapes reveal the immensity of their beauty.

There are also many hikes to discover in the region. We can in particular quote the famous walk of Capu Rossu whose departure takes place after the village of Piana, which takes you 300 m above the sea with a 360-degree view of the gulf and the mountains but also the Tower of ‘Omigna or the famous Capu d’Ortu.

The Évisienne region, located between pines and chestnut trees, is also famous for its many hikes starting from the Aïtone forest and the Vergiu pass. You can find all the information on the Evisa town hall website in “se Balader” for a walk.

Enjoy incredible panoramas, rivers with turquoise waters but also vegetation of rare richness. You can’t be bored on vacation. Explore the many hikes located near the village.

Come and discover the Tassu walk, which starts just a 5-minute walk from the house. A trip to an old abandoned hamlet, perfect for discovering the island’s vernacular architecture.

The Gorges de la Spelunca walk will take you to the village of Ota, this beautiful hike bordered by granite cliffs enjoys a breathtaking natural setting. Between Genoese bridges and mountainous reliefs, come and admire the magnificent Tavulella river. It will provide you with something to cool off on hot summer days. For the more courageous, allow 5 hours round trip to reach the village of Ota.

The chestnut trail, which starts in the center of the village, will take you into the majestic Aïtone forest, where you can walk in the shade of the Larici pines and cool off on arrival in the famous natural pools. Just because you’re in the mountains doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain your tan!

Let’s not forget the lovely Radule ride. Pass the Vergiu pass and cross the imposing Valdu-Niellu forest to discover its sheepfolds and waterfalls. Allow an hour and a half of walking to go. Once you arrive, enjoy a good fresh cheese migliacciu by the river, your efforts will soon be forgotten! Also discover the majestic Ninu Lake and its wild horses.

The village of Evisa borders the Haute-Corse department, so you can drive to the Niolu region and central Corsica in less than an hour by car and why not take the opportunity to organize a little getaway in the Cape.

Consider visiting the incredible Scala di Santa Regina and its granite cliffs.

Whether the holidays are short or long, you will have plenty to enjoy a busy stay surrounded by nature.

There are many activities to discover on site: canyoning, horseback riding, tree climbing, paddleboarding … Find all the information on the Evisa-Corsica website!

There is so much to say about this region that it is best to come and discover it.